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Karate New / Nouveau Brunswick is recognized as the official Sport Governing Body for Karate by The Province of New Brunswick through theSports and Recreation division of the Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture. Karate New / Nouveau Brunswick is a member of Karate Canada, and has over 800 members throughout the province.

The objectives of Karate New / Nouveau Brunswick are to:
a) Be a resource for all aspects of Sport Karate development in New Brunswick;
b) Support technical development for athletes, coaches and officials;
c) Affiliate and otherwise liaise with Karate Canada and adopt its rules and policy framework;
d) At all times act on behalf of, and represent the interests of, the Members of Karate New / Nouveau Brunswick.

Executive & Board of Directors


Niel Pond


André LaPlante

1st Vice President

Terry Soucy

2nd Vice President


Katheryn Douglass


Linda Corbett


Board of Directors

Region 1

Region 2

Region 3

Region 4

Region 5

Region 6

Region 7

Region 8

None Elected

At Large


Coaching Committee

  • Randy Rix - Head Coach​

  • Romain Losier

  • Serge Kerry

  • Glen Savoie


  • André LaPlante

  • Katheryn Douglass

NCCP Committee

  • Katheryn Douglass

Officials Committee

  • Emmanual LeBlanc​

  • André LaPlante

  • Donald Mazerolle

  • Katheryn Douglass

  • Terry Soucy

Social Media & Marketing

  • Terry Soucy

  • Katheryn Douglas

  • Linda Corbett

Technical Committee

  • Oscar Leger​

  • Robert McInnes

  • Sylvain Lessard

  • Ray Cormier

Tournament Committee

  • Terry Soucy​

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